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This is probo the worse year in my life ever.First my cat dies, now i sadly have to close my business, cant keep up anymore. :cry:
The economy crisis killed my business, meaning per January the first im closing my doors.
The big companies are lowering there prices with more then 40%, they can affort it, since im a one man army, i have to keep the price up, or i will just lose money.Old clients are heading for the cheaper companies, i cant lower my prices, else i had to close allready 6 months ago.
Im very sad, yes, however when the crisis is over i might open up again, the companies will again raise the prices and i can steal back my clients, i hope.
Just 1 year ago, i was top of my game, had so much work, i had to hire another designer so i could keep up.

One word…. My life fucking sucks.Periode.
:cry: :cry:

In loving memory of Bimbolin.