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no, no, they all look identical. ok, there are different hinges on some, but as far as i know, the box and everything inside the box is identical for every copy of the box set, no matter where or when it’s been released.

the piece of white paper with the barcode and tracklist was attached on the back of the box right before it was sealed. if you bought your box second hand/not sealed, it’s not so strange that it didn’t come with the barcode label. it is a separate piece of paper that doesn’t really go anywhere and i guess many people didn’t keep it (and why would they, right?).
and when i say \"not so strange\", i think i mean \"not strange at all\".

the cds don’t have a barcode, because they’re part of the box set. they don’t need a barcode, since they’re not meant to be sold seperately. (that’s the easiest way to recognize a cd from the box set, by the way: there’s no barcode. if it were one of the commercial singles, there would be a barcode.)