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Thanks for the support guys, i really apreciate it alot.I cant say how much i care for you guys, true pumpkins freinds, and i love you guys for that.

I dont think ive ever cried so much as ive been doin today, i still cry while typing this.GOD, i miss him so much, i dont think any cat on the whole univeres can ever ever replace him cos he was such a great and very lovin cat with a huge personality, im just afraid if i ever get a new kitty i will just be so fucking disapointed because his not like Bimbolin. :cry:

He was put down to rest around 10.30am this morning, i spent 30 mins with him crying and telling him i loved him so much and i would miss him, i know he dont understand that, but sometimes i think he does, cos he was such a special cat, he was one of kind. :cry:

He will get cremated and i will get his ashes, i will make an alter at home for him where he can stay.

Now his gone, its so damn quiet here, no cat to greet you when you come home, and the bed is so empty, he always sleept with us at nights, ever night, and there is no cat talking youre ears off.He was a master when it came to talk, he talked and talked and talked, sometimes you had to tell him to shut up.Now i would give anything just to hear him talk one last time. :cry:

I was 16 years old when i got him.he keept me in company for 15 good years, i know he loved me, he loved licking my hands, my nose, my arms, my neck.I will miss all those things.

Im sorry for the rant, i just want to honour him, because he deserves that, and even more than that, he was my loyal loving companion for many years.

In loving memory of Bimbolin.