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i’m bored at work, so i searched the interwebs for more info.

this is what i found after googling the barcode number of the second pressing:

The Aeroplane Flies High

The Smashing Pumpkins5
Sales rank: 50843
Type: Audio CD
EAN 0724383858323
Format: Box set
Format: Limited Edition
Format: Single
Weight: .38 pounds
List price: $42.98 USD
Manufacturer: Virgin Records Us
Original release date: November 26, 1996
Product group: Music
Product type: ABIS_MUSIC
Publication date: 1996
Release date: January 17, 1997
UPC 724383858323[/quote:2kkei6tf]

looks like we got ourselves a release date! :)

1997-01-17 returns a couple of times.

one website has a different date though. :(


Titel: The Aeroplane Flies High

Künstler: Smashing Pumpkins (limit. )

Genre: Rock

Medium: Maxi-CD

Set-Inhalt: 5

Veröffentlichungsdatum: 3. März 1997

Label: Virgin

EAN: 724383858323[/quote:2kkei6tf]