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List of members’ nicks in alphabetical order, with their # of entries. All members mentioned below that entered the contest, please confirm if this list is correct or not? Is your name missing? Is your # of entries wrong? Also some questions already to be answered, check your nicks! And please reply here on the board as soon as possible!

absinth (1)
Adore34614 (1)
AlexHlavaty (1)
Ambrose (1)
Apathyse (2)
bullettwoutbutterflywings (2) (we never received your 3rd entry, correct?)
Codie Blodgett (1) (what is your Forum nick, Codie? And could you please re-send some of your files in DOC-format instead of DOCX-format?)
Daisy_Divine (1)
Doubtful-Della (2)
douglas78 (1)
Jai-Star (2)
jconley78 (1)
Jenn (2)
Jerf (2) (Could you please resend your designs in separate files in JPG format?)
Kuumar & Riverandsky (1)
natascha (1)
OoAwAo0 (1)
Pipoka (1)
Reggaeluv2000 (3)
scotopic_lux (1)
smassin (1)
Tion (1)
thrashingponies (1)
wHiTe_sPyDeR_gRl (1)
zero_jme (1)

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