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On manillascissor wrote:

swimming with you
we left the shore
out to deep
wanting more

the clouds grew strong
as we held each other tight
your skin against mine
protecting with all our might

but the waves crashed
as the night grew long
and the moonlight
faded like a song

underneath i went
to find a way out
to the side i swam
dried eyes and salt

when i reached the shore
the night was still there
i looked under the trees
but no one one was there

i built myself a hut
and saw the sunrise
somehow knowing
that you were all right

but i’ll never forget
the night before the storm
dancing underwater
with the love i adore

and to this day
i hear songbirds sing
they bring her voice
back into memory

despite losing touch
our hands slipping apart
the memory remains
stinging a silent heart

in my time of dying