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before this thread totally derails ;)


for Zeitgeist you must know JC and BC spent quite some time in the studio and rehearsal space jamming out riffs and drums and the like-
of course (i don’t know) there might be TRUE demos on acoustic from BC or jammed demos (akin to the BGD I) or whatever from Zeitgeist-
as much as I know BC and JC – the tape’s always running, so I guess it’s all recorded-
still: I’ve heard and know and feel too !!! a lot of Zeitgeist pre-recording the album per se (which was NOT done live and per session and thus tracked et al) was done in a free-flow of inspiration-
just as per BGD I I guess demos from the Zeitgeist album tracks might amount to BC and JC riffing and drumming up and down and against eachother and all of a sudden hitting a groove…
then weeks later taking THAT groove into a song…

BC DID make some \"DEMO\" scratch recordings for some tracks off of Zeitgeist-
Some others just came about- I GUESS!!!!!
But that’s it-
Following Zwan and whatever you make from that band – the free-flowing inspiration (same in TFE and/or JCC) and movement and all WAS carried on between BC and JC early on after Zwan and further more into TSP-
BUT- with ONE major difference- NOW it wasn’t to be like a collaborative effort between a band or something anymore (like the Zwan melt-down), but between just the two of them!!!! (and possible the producers et al).

why demo the shit out of a song?!
let’s see what happens?
that’s how the major part(s) of Zeitgeist was (were) made into what these are now…
don’t expect full demos of all songs popping up soon as the method of working on material is/was kinda diferent this time around—


Don’t call it \"demos\" and there’s a lot in store-
From all era’s the Pumpkns have been active the tape the most of the time has been rolling on and on.
Expect to hear this?
Something from this?
Chances are few—

Because it’s just rehearsel stuff, practice, whatever-

You just won’t wanna see that stuff out there-
That’s not a good idea!

Good idea?!
Maybe it’d be cool to see if Frank Q. would be able to piece together a torrent or download of some kind of like-

Rehearsel One (MCATIS era), Rehearsel Two (MCATIS era), Soundcheck live, Studio Rehearsel One, Two, Three, whatever, Studio Take One, Take Two, Take Three…

Of let’s say—

The riff that ended up to be-
– The Aeroplane Flies High
– The End is the Beginning is the End

You know-
Riffs that had been like moving around somewhere in practice, in rehearsals, in soundchecks and then went on to be a song and got released-
The full flow of event-
Now THAT would be why I guess an Archive position proves its merit-
As per then-
You get the whole lineage— ;)


For the new songs and demo and recording process-
Just wait and see what BC comes up with-
With help from whomever-
Just wait and see-
Keep eyes and ears glued to
And you will see and hear!—-