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That’s… cheap! 8)

And call me crazy, because I never thought I would fall for a signature, but this one is VERY special. To me that is. Because of what it stands for as a total. It’s the Today 1 track promo, signed in the year of release by Billy & D’Arcy and by Yingy & Magda, the girls in the picture of this iconic 1993 single of the Smashing Pumpkins. I think it is the most awesome Smashing Pumpkins-related signature set ever seen, and the price was good too (125 bucks, that is 85 Euro, almost a laughter, because of the exchange rates these days… :wink: ).

Of course, James and Jimmy could have been on it too with their autographs, but again, I don’t care about signatures so much. It’s the total package of iconic song, promo item, signed in the year of release + 2 extra signatures of the girls on the artwork. I’m happy, and will definately frame it! :D

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