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Maybe youre right Brandon.That picture was taking last years halloween, but he never complained about it, he was like a mafia cat, i mean, he did not give a fuck about anything, just as long you talked to him and gave him food, he was a very very patience about everything, except when it was about food, silly cat, always stole my dinner and ran off with my piece of meat i had left over on my plate , or when we had dinner every night, he would jump up the kitchen chair and just sit there, and if you did not pay him any attention, he would start talking his ass off, like he was saying, hey Ayoe, pass me the plate with the pork chops, and while you at it, pass me the sauce as well :lol: he was, what you call it, a cat with a big appetite.Last night dinner sucked ass, no cat asking for food.I just miss him so much. :cry:

Started the day crying my ass off, cant concentrade on my work, think ill take a week off, fuck the clients, if they cant wait, they can go elsewhere and get there work done. i need time on my own to.I need to moan.

In loving memory of Bimbolin.