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What I know of this M2 promo, is described already on SPfreaks. I received some (rather small) pics of it years ago and uploaded them in the collection. Check this, it contains the pic I showed here. … S&item=553

I discussed this thingy with a few friends years ago, and what I heard was that it contains/might contain the very first vinyl rip that was slightly too fast. An American friend of Billy (the initial vinyl ripper maybe? I don’t know) traveled with the band on their Europe tour (or followed soon after during the tour), and he was posessing this vinyl rip on a cd-r, or something like that. He gave that vinyl rip cd-r to Billy, who gave it to Virgin Schallplatten (or a copy of it). Virgin then made a little promo out of it for a few people (see letter). And I will hopefully soon receive one of those promos…

(I’m not sure why Sven thinks it will never hit the market again, well, at least NOT MY COPY, but there will be a few more copies around I guess. Sven? No?)

I will scan it to improve the pics on SPfreaks of course, and will let you guys know what version of the M2 release is on the promo (presuming I can figure that out ;) ). We can hope it is another, unknown version, but I don’t think so. And I’m not even sure if I remember this story described above properly, so anyone who can correct/finetune it is happily invited to do so.

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