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On manillascissor wrote:

i blamed myself for your faults
kept the blood fresh for more salt
reached up grasping into those nights
to only see your exiting tail lights

we arrived here as one
you broke us for fun
you found love too easily
destroyed our eternity

no hard feelings as we separate
leaving me frozen in this state
wanting to treat you like before
remembering you are just a whore

my new solitude sure is something
distorted reality of a big nothing
waving goodbye is growing so old
too much of us was never told

until the very end, the truth came out
proving what you are all about
and to this day, i cannot forget
a negative charge, a dead element

daily reminders of your insecurity
one more time, let us blame me
watch as one who never cared
passes blame to one who dared

the solution never becoming clear
a straight shot into the air
rising hopelessly during eternal flight
so far gone, i have completely lost sight

in my time of dying