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A new one I wrote this past Thursday.
I tried my hand at a rhyming poem, as you can see I’m pretty bad at it. :lol:

You set me heart ablaze
With just the simplest of gazes
If you were to just glance
Maybe if I could just take a chance
That maybe if you looked at me and asked me to dance
We could light a candle and start on a voyage of romance.
The sun shines in your eyes, so divine
As your fragment burn they are sure to remind
As your delicate body moves as a dove
The wind whispers a hymn in my heart from far above.
The enchanted embers burn in your presence
The burning daggers pierce with such resonance
A veil dyed black faded with lies
All these passions of desire and adoration I deny.
So lovely, your shadowed body moves, so eloquently.
The stones sink me under beneath the waves ever so instrumentally.
The arrow has been cast into the depths of my blood.
The emotions are channeled as the messages begin to flood.
The ink runs deep along my pours
It flows from the pages of my body and permeates through the air
Clouds that flow freely uninterrupted by the nature that it impairs.
If the mirrors echoes onto rooftops of the smoke that draws near.
Because the feelings that have not been acquainted with might be out of fear
For times are coming to a close, and with these thoughts I impose
With the question that beckons from the heart, does an effortless answer truly suffice?

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