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A competition from Bjork – I might have a go at this :)

cosmogony lyrics competition:

“and they say: back then our universe
was an empty sea –until a silver fox
and her cunning mate began to sing
… a song that became the world we know”

cosmogony, biophilia’s mother song and app, is inspired by different creation myths throughout history and the idea that the big bang is our civilisation’s own creation myth.

many cultures have they’re own stories about how the world began. write your own verse for cosmogony around a creation myth you know of leaving “and they say:” at the beginning and “became the world we know” at the end.

the winning verse will be added to the song and sung by björk at a live performance.

click here to enter:

closing date for entries: november 7th 2011 [/quote:2jgtxhi3]