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Tonight I reached 40,216 words, on 97 Word pages. Time for a break now. But damn, this is so much FUN! I just LOVE to write like this! :D

OK, what have I been doing so far? I set up a framework of 44 chapters, 22 for a story in current times, 22 for a story in medieval times. Chapter 1 is current times, chapter 2 is medieval times, chapter 3 is current times again, and so on. I might want to change that order, I don’t know. I just can only hope it works for the future reader. Maybe some extra chapters will be added later, I don’t know either. All chapters have (working) titles, the empty chapters have notes what I want to write there. Roughly 25 chapters are kind-of-ready, randomly written but already in the right place in the story. But quite a few of them kind-of-ready chapters are regularly reviewed, extended, partly rewritten etc., it’s a real work in progress.

And the next challenge is to write about \"the big fight\", both the lawsuit part of recent years, and the medieval part, when the castle of the Lord and his friends is under attack. I want to make those chapters really long and exciting. Probably I’m roughly halfway now, I don’t know. I’m still aiming for the 100,000 words, or more. And hopefully it will end up being a 1 price, 2 stories book: a legal thriller mixed with a mirror-story of a huge medieval army attacking a friendly place, that knows how to fight back, although they are outnumbered big times.

Anyway, just to share the excitement about writing this book with you guys. I’m not saying it will be the next blockbuster in your local bookstore, but in a humble way I’m proud of what I wrote so far. I never thought I was able to do this. :wink:

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