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Tsss, I didn’t realise that, but yeah, there is some nudity in there, if you look closely. :P

This pic just made it to chapter 6 \"The nightmare of Astamor\", 1 of the medieval chapters. I loved writing that chapter. It’s the first hint to things to come, including a dead medicine woman that is asked for advice on the graveyard where she is buried, blablabla, real medieval-ish fantasy. :wink:

There was a hand in the darkness, and it held a knife. The knife had a handle of polished black bone, and a blade finer and sharper than any razor… if it sliced you, you might not even know that you had been cut – not immediately. The knife had done almost everything it was brought to the house to do, and both the blade and the handle were wet…*

Astamor just had a bad dream, he realised, and that never happened to him before. Astamor always slept well, and deep, and only a canon that was fired next to his bed could wake him up. Next to him, inside the bed, Guinevera was breathing slowly and steadily, she had arrived in her sweet, innocent dreamland already. Astamor wished he was touched a little more with the liveliness, the uncaring and the firmness of his wife.\"

*quote from The Graveyard Book – Neil Gaiman (2008)

(yes, I sometimes use quotes from other books or songs, for example Quiet and Fuck You from our beloved SP is in the book also. With proper Copyright information of course… :wink: )

Billy Corgan, December 2, 2008 : "Not everyone understands our death trip. But you do. And that's what matters."