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On manillascissor wrote:

once upon a time
you gave a piece of you
you said it was cool
for me to have
never saying it would last

one day i awoke
to find aloof
someone standing in my room
familiar face, a different tone
you left my side all too soon

and if you tried
i cannot complain
but feelings denied
can only bring pain

it would seem i cannot give up
when i need this dream to die
but everytime that i wake up
i lose more of you inside

and there it is
a ghost in the room
floating around to check my iv
when i reach to find a soul
i’m left alone and wondering

so alone is how i’ll always be
why should anything ever change?
i don’t deserve love
i don’t deserve you

i can only dream and wholey pray
that for my sake, upon a distant day
you will have gone completely away

and there i beg of you
please stay

in my time of dying