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to get what you put in
you would have to create
or remove the metal wires
from beneath the crate

you can give away your soul
you can give away your smile
you can give way to your stare
but that is not your style

you understand the value of truth
you realize the value of you
you want to gaze
into those eyes
that can only see you

so out at night you go
blinding darkness ahead
hands outstretched to receive
any signs of connection

once you find the wall
you can detect the pattern
brick upon brick
stacked delicately

been here for one hundred years
going nowhere anytime soon
the rooftop crumbles
to the bottom rooms

you found the empty house
completely tattered in ruins
so walk inside and look around
it’s dark and there is graffiti

a pollution of something
not even yours
and yet you are upset
because beauty was destroyed

leave the walls and look outside
the ocean crashes against
the rocks’ pride
outside and inside
we all die

in my time of dying