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Frank Quinto actually replied and asked for my opinion. I just send him this email.

Hi Frank,

Of course I understand that FLAC and MP3 are the modern and most easy formats. So please go ahead and release the rarities like that to the masses. But my preferred format would be CD format and/or DVD/Blue Ray for video footage. It will contain artwork to enjoy, liner notes, rare pics to check out…

I’m not alone here. Pearl Jam is doing it ( \"Since the program’s inception, over 3.5 million bootlegs have been sold.\" so if these guys can do it, you can make this happen also in a profitable way) and if you want more examples… Jane’s Addiction is releasing this soon: … uriosities and doesn’t this just make you drool?

Guess I made my point. Thanks for listening Frank, keep up the good work.

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