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Wow, I’m very surprised! I’m sure I was not the only one emailing Frank, but he actually picked up some ideas I send him… 8) This is what I mailed him today, as I thought he should not choose, but embrace both concepts (physical and downloadable releases):

Short term/middle term:
1. The best 25 live shows in a state-of-the-art CD/DVD box set, but also available as individual releases.
2. Pisces Iscariot II and III on CD, with a limited edition vinyl release, which is a numbered set with a bonus 7\" vinyl.
3. Pisces Iscariot II and III will become available for downloading (FLAC/MP3) after 3 months of the CD release also.

Long term:
1. Subscription to a monthly or quarterly 7\" release of all songs on Pisces Iscariot II and III CDs.
2. SP 25 years book.

Worthwhile a try:
Release all live shows as FLAC/MP3 downloads + on CD like the Nugs.NET concept (presuming they made some profit with the 20th Anniversary Tour of course). Also, same story for all studio material that is worthwhile releasing. This last one can be done also with a subscriptional concept: every quarter or half year an EP with 4-5 songs on CD, and 3 months later they will become available as FLAC/MP3 downloads also.

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