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i can see your point. but if they release the stuff a little less frequently for under $35, i would be able to afford it, as would alot of others. and being able to pick and choose what we wanted to buy would make it more cost effective for the fan, which is what i think they are trying to get at, or at least i hope they are.

i think that the archive stuff will have less people interested, but i don’t think that they are trying to reach those people. with the fan club, imo, they are reaching out to the people who really want it. and only making a limited number, for the fan club, then if those don’t all sell, selling to the gen public. i think that alot of people will find that they are sorry they didn’t sign up.

digitally, well i can’t really comment on it, i am not up on all of that and i don’t think i know enough to be able to comment on it. i personally have a love/hate realationship with it. i love to be able to get stuff so quick, trade and so on with people, but i would rather have a physical release any day. i know alot of people don’t agree with me, but maybe i am just \"old fashioned\" :P .

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