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i think most of the hardcore fan base prefers a physical release. i think we are all a bit old school that way.

i do think the switch to physical releases could pose a money issue for fans though, especially depending on how frequently they release stuff. 20 cds a year for say $25 is a lot. maybe they could do a mixture of both though. the best stuff could be available on cd/vinyl and maybe flac/mp3. then some of the other stuff like them dinking around in the studio with the recorder on could be a cheap download only thing. that way they could release a lot more without breaking the bank on both ends. the fans could buy the cds with premium audio (b-sides, awesome concerts, etc.) so many times a year (but less frequently, so nobody goes broke every month) and then if they want to they could pick up the other stuff as a download for less. i figure that would work with everyone, because its the premium audio that is most likely to sell so putting it on cds gives the band money to work with and releasing fewer cds like that a year allows the fans to be able to afford the stuff. other types of audio that are more like jamming in the studio stuff or whatever is less likely to sell so a cheap download would be more viable. that way band won’t be wasting money on printing enough physical copies of it so \"everyone\" in the fan club can theoretically buy it, even though few probably will. and hey, if its a cheap download thing more will probably be more likely to pick it up then they would if it was in the form of a $25 cd. and there is the general public bit too. if they have leftover cds of the more kick ass stuff they will sell. if they have cds of random sessions (and they would probably have more of those leftover than the better audio) thats not going to sell to the general public. its a waste of money, so that’s another reason to go download only on that stuff.