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Newsletter #7 was send last night. So far I’m still glad with the way they are going. \"We’re going to focus on content. We are looking to try to give you the best value possible, versus what else is out there.\"

Hello SP World!

It’s almost summertime here in Chicago! I want to give you your weekly update from the archives. I’m very glad to see that there is a lot of excitement in the air since I announced that we are going to a fan club model instead of a $300 subscription service. We’re looking at all the different aspects at what the ‘fan club’ will entail. We don’t just want it to be like every other band’s fan clubs. This is going to be very special and unique. We also want the fan club and archive releases to be a great value too. Value is important these days. I just saw that Prince announced a new box set. The box set contains a purple iPod Touch loaded with a 40-minute movie and 15 audio tracks from his 21 Nights concerts. The price is $2,100. They’re offering a limited edition iPod as the main draw of the package. We’re going to focus on content. We are looking to try to give you the best value possible, versus what else is out there. This is a journey that we are going on with all of you. This isn’t about the music business; this is about the band having a relationship with the hardcore fans.

I’ve been getting a lot of comments from fans that are interested in digital releases for the archives. We are going to put out releases in limited edition physical forms, but we are also exploring digital options too. If we release a show in MP3 form, we may only put up the best tracks from that show. In that scenario, if you want the complete show, you can buy the physical release. The sales trends on digital MP3 releases show that people pick and choose the tracks they want to listen to. There are a lot more people who buy individual tracks of an album or a show, than the people who buy the complete MP3 version of a release. Another reason why we might do this is that it would give the fans who buy the physical releases a bonus by having the complete show. We are also exploring the option to have a compilation of these tracks available to other music stores like iTunes. This would also give you the ultimate choice on what you want to buy. Let’s say we put out a show from ’89, and you were only interested in hearing an early version of Rhinoceros. That track could be available in MP3 format, and you can purchase that track instead of buying the whole show. This would also save the shipping costs for international fans who only want certain tracks. What are your thoughts on this?

We are in the process of compiling band photos for these archival releases. When we put up an announcement last year asking for photos and materials from the Gish era, we didn’t get too many responses. We are still interested in what you have from the Gish era, 1988-1992. If you have photos of the band, please contact me. We are interested in any negatives that you may have. We will even pay you $500 if we use it! My e-mail is at the bottom of the page. There is a lot of work going into the fan club and the archival releases. You’re going to see unreleased pictures and footage from the very beginning of the band.

I want to touch on the eBay idea that I mentioned in the blog last week. We are in the process of clearing out some of the old materials from the band. There is going to be a wide variety of material available for sale. The idea is to provide fans a chance to get authentic SP memorabilia. Taking a quick glance on eBay, there are quite a few fake autographs, passes, and other merchandise. There will be very unique items too, like furniture from the old Pumpkinland. I’ll keep you all updated in our progress on that. Keep your comments rolling in, and I’m especially interested in working out a nice balance regarding the topic of digital releases.


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