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i don’t understand why they plan to leave songs out for the digital release. if they’re going to release mp3s, then why not go all the way? are they trying to piss off the people who asked for mp3s? surely a lot of them will be interested in the complete release. and the ones who aren’t can still pick the songs they want.

also, i don’t see why this has to be \"very special and unique\". why not simply go for something good, but that maybe exists already? very special an unique sounds like they will try all kinds of weird stuff, just for the sake of being special and unique. this kind of contradicts focusing on content. no?

very special and unique. what is that even supposed to mean? how did they come up with that? sounds like someone’s confidence needed a boost.
i really wonder in what way it’ll be very special and unique. i bet in a couple of months, after the first things will have been released, and we look back at this, we will scratch our heads and realize that we still don’t know what’s so special and unique.

i don’t know. it’s \"just\" their archive (no disrespect). no need to blow things up.