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in that tiny little basket
you would lay
in that tiny little basket
you would stay
forever and a day

night after night
i’d walk past that basket
and think to myself
as long as she is comfortable
don’t ask it

but today
i took you in that tiny little basket
to a scary place
both of us so uncomfortable
i was too afraid to ask it

i covered you with a blanket
to keep it familiar
to disguise myself
as the obvious liar

see, i took you there
without consulting you
i held you tight
just another day to you

you came back sedated
and i held you even closer
your tiny paw extended
i love my master

no one could have been braver
no one could have been more peaceful
no one could teach me
like you did

i miss you so much
after you passed and died
i did not expect
the amount of tears that i cried

i played you one last song
on our short drive
merry christmas, kitty
merry christmas, guy that feeds me

no one else thought it necessary
to hold your hand
as you crossed from this world
to the other land

but i made a promise
to myself
to carry you there
i had no help

i don’t know where you are
but i like to think inside
you are free from pain
beginning another ride

i kept a few things
but not much
it’s too sad
to keep all as such

there are many things though
that will never leave my side
thoughts of you smiling and purring
to honor your wonderful life

i will love you eternally
forever, my little princess kitty

in my time of dying