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take of what i had
and give it to charity
though you no longer need me
find the value in philanthropy

the path forward
means leaving you behind
and this superficial blathering
is truly unkind

so rather than play dead
you can eat me alive
because i would rather this die
than to writhe in some lie

and with you, i will always lose
because you always seem to choose
the road of accusation, the road of before
a form of masturbation and i want no more

so in your head, you will always be right
standing strong on the minds of reason
like forcing it to snow in august
it’s just the wrong damn season

but i know and cannot tell
else we devolve to a spatter
what you say ain’t what you preach
hypocrisy is what’s the matter

carry on, carry on
because what can i do
with this silent goodbye
you’ll never know

you’ll never know

in my time of dying