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been dragging this heart along
slowly moving along the sands
in the midst of misguided mischief
the maze of confusion is winning

like a cat who got away
pushing forward against the grain
feral and untamed roaming the alley
the nails drawn perpetually

the cloudiness consuming me
a darkness so familiar, i cannot see

a gentleness creeps inside my heart
fighting and writhing this entire time
a calmness from afar washes onto the shore
drenching this feline in salty whispers

and even though we avoid getting wet
the giant cat will always win
with a looming stare into the soul
a redirection of thought, a remold

and licking the paws there comes a purr
deep inside, a happiness stirs
a massage that transcends time and space
in and out of consciousness

a cat will dance in a sun bathe

in my time of dying