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It’s two separate shops, but they are right next to each other. I went with my friend and his nephew. He ended up picking up some chocolate mint cheese. I sampled the bacon cheddar, jalapeno, horseradish, garlic and chocolate peanut butter cheeses. Then had a bit of spicy honey mustard and a couple different sausages.

There are actually two different candy shops. One is all homemade, the other has a ton of independent company candies, like an assortment of candy canes in a jellybelly assortment of flavors. Those are my favorites, I picked up a few blackberry, strawberry cream and cotton candy ones. The other place is the one with all the salt water taffy. They also have a ton of homemade chocolate goodies, including a peanut butter cup about almost as big as my hand.

I thought you’d all want the minor details ;)