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i think you’re mistaken here, blueczarina. i was following this auction, and it was never cancelled. (i still have the ebay reminder emails, and the end time there matches the actual auction end time.)
the thing is though that this was an auction with a reserve, and it was too high. even with bids over $300, the reserve wasn’t met.

now the item has been relisted without a reserve, but with a starting price of $300.
fair enough, if you ask me. at least there’s no more mysterious reserve.

(also, your story doesn’t make much sense to me: why would the seller – hypothetically – cancel an auction that is at $300 and then start a new one that starts at $300? how does that give him more money? doesn’t he risk losing his $300+ bids if he does that?)

now i don’t care what is going on on, and if you have other reasons to ban him, fine by me. but you shouldn’t falsely accuse him of cancelling ebay auctions and stuff like that.
i understand it’s annoying if people come to your board only to make promotion for their ebay auctions. and i think it’s a bit stupid he put a reserve on it that was higher than $300, but that’s mainly his own problem.