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By the way, I know Billy is usually cryptic about things but I thought his message was a bit strange, anyone else think so? Sometimes I wish he would write/speak in a more normal way (like the rest of the band members).

This part was strange (what the hell is he talking about?):

The new day has finally come as we turn the corner on the end of one energy that no longer serves us and begin to embrace the new dawn that will…and no, I am not speaking about the band or the music business…what is past is passed, and we all wear the black arm bands in honor of, but life happily, as it should, marches on…hopefully to a good beat…[/quote:34keizm2]

But this one was even stranger:

Thanks to New Orleans for showing Us the meaning of hope…and thanks to the old guard for showing the same dull move, you know the one that never works? Art band that said old guard wishes they were in so bad that they wish importance upon it? Check! No matter what you crutches all dream up, Led Zep is still a 100 times better! Go Zep! Go Team! Rock on! Long Live the Mighty SP!
Thank YOU for showing up! And yes, I mean YOU :)
lovingness, happiness, BC[/quote:34keizm2]

I’m still not sure what he was trying to say and why he kept referring to “the collective”.