Reply To: Billy’s married? True or not true?

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I don’t know the women seems to be way out there.I don’t understand why Billy hasn’t
made a statement or something on the matter.May he just trying to spare this women emotional well being.It’ apparent he did know this women.It wouldn’t be funny if it turns out that they are married,we all would be shocked if they were. :lol: But i think he is not making any statement on in because the women isn’t mentally stable or something.But i’m not in his shoes,but if it was me,i think i would make some kind of statement on it.But he seems to be trying not to bring light to it at all.I kind feel sorry for both party’s involved.Billy because he can’t really have a PRIVATE life.But kind goes along with being the person he is.And Mrs.Grey or Corgan which ever,because she kind of not there.