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I’m new to this board…somehow this is the only sane and mature thread on this topic around on sp forums… So I just need to chime in my two cents on this thing because I’m dying to say something about it.

I use to know Fysche many years ago (zwan era) and to me she was a nice girl and very kind, crazy and odd, yes, but that’s who she is/was. I saw her at concerts, the hideout, and hung out with some close friends of hers at the time. I haven’t spoken or seen her in 3-4 years and lost touch with her close friends at that time. I never saw her having a close encounter with billy during these concerts, either we couldn’t get backstage afterwards, or the other times I was backstage, she wasn’t at that particular concert. But Billy and her definetely knew each other personally at least during the zwan times. There was that infamous time she had breakfast with him in Chicago after a zwan show back in 2002 and I believe she had breakfast with him again a week or two later after that. Now I have no proof if this actually happened, but she did post all the details on the o-board and z-board. She use to post AIM conversations with her friends about these encounters with him… Her close friends, who I was also friends with had no doubt she was lying about these breakfasts with him…

The first time I met her was at the hideout. The hideout was a small room, so it was cramped and Billy definetely saw her there. Afterwards because everyone and the bandmembers would hang around on stage and stuff, Billy never really approached her or anything (this was weeks/months after eating breakfasts together), and she never did to him. The next day we went to the same restaurant where they (B.C. and V) always met up and she left him a note written all weird like that freaky wedding journal that she left with one of the waiters there to give him.

If I get in trouble for writing all this shit I really don’t give a crap. I don’t associate with Fysche anymore or any of her friends. After all these marriage rumors, I just thought back to when I used to know her. and kept on questioning if she made up all these encounters she had with him. Because this whole marriage thing and the wedding journal, along with all the stories are too far fetched. After seeing that billy didn’t approach her after the hideout, I thought he was pissed because she got all detailed and posted too much about her breakfast with him. But, now things look a little different, who knows. Also back then Fysche was in Strawberry’s camp, so she seemed legit.

Right now I have no association with anybody, I could bluntly ask someone who would 100% know, but I would feel uncomfortable doing it and really it isn’t any of my business. I don’t talk to this person anymore anyways. I think we all know that he isn’t married to her. After looking at those \"stalkerish\" wedding journal notes, I definetely think she’s not \"fun-crazy\", but just plain \"crazy\"… Maybe I’ll be bit in the ass for what I said, and they are really crazily-married together, but I doubt it. I know that some people have emailed strawberry, gouch, and other sp related people and no one has gotten a yes or no answer. To me that could indicate it’s too serious to talk about it because of legal reasons, or that Billy wants the marriage hush BUT then why is VG screaming all over the internet about it. When I first heard the \"news\" I thought it could be true, because I use to personally know her, but then I saw more of the whole situation, and I realized that you can never really \"know\" anyone. Who is she really? Sorry for the long winded post…