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thanks for your welcome :)

I know it’s his private life and not any of our business, but I really would like to know because the whole thing is really creepy and I would like to know if he’s safe, if it ends up he’s not married to her. i wish we could get a straight up answer.

Things don’t match up though…
first she posts that during the ceremony it was just her, him and the holy person
than later, she states that David Cronenberg (some director) was present…

Also, she had some weird post on her myspace stating they had their first kiss 38 days after they got married, which makes no sense.

(i read these things on netphoria)

she states she got married at the birth time of her \"friend\" steven spielberg….

Just a lot of strange stories…that make the whole thing not sound credible, I know she was weird before, and that was okay by me, but now it seems she’s having illusions of graduiour (sp?), stating weird specifics of other famous people..