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Welcome to the new members and don’t worry about your English. We’re all here for the same thing and I personally like having a more global perspective than just USA.

SNC stated that he knew a friend of Billy’s had informed Billy of the VG issue. Does that infer (sp?) that the friend knows it’s total crap and wanted Billy to be aware of it? If so, then we’ve got our answer as to if he is married or not.

As for knowing her, this is all based on speculation and some observation. My friend from NC saw many of the Asheville shows and said that VG was there all the time and it looked like she was with the band. However, my friend talked to one of VG’s friends and she said \"Veronica always goes to places where Billy is at — whether he knows it or not, just so it appears that they are together\". That was said by a friend of Veronica (anyone thinking this is a bit strange)?

I had just assumed he’d at least met her since she literally follows them and bugs the security team. Also, she quotes him in one of her dumb books on the back and I think if it’s published that it’d have to be legit. But who knows if she just merely wrote about him and he sent in a comment?

What I don’t understand is — how does she manage to have the time/$$ to go all over the place to follow him? What about a job?? She claims she has a career as an actor. Is she independently wealthy?

Maybe she’s become such an issue that Billy has spoken to his attorney and his attorney has advised him to say nothing. I’m sure that this happens a lot, although this case seems a bit extreme. Ok, very extreme.