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who knows, IF they aren’t married, maybe they are keeping their mouths shut about it because if they ever denounced it on the internet/media, it would make fysche possibly more unstable, so they could be doing it for safety reasons or they don’t want to give her even more attention… But there’s always a slight possiblity that they are married, Billy has been known to do strange things, and can be a little odd from time to time… Then I would feel like a total ass for stating bad things about her, since I use to know her and all.. and I’m not the only one on former sp boards that knew her back then and they aren’t saying anything either, they could have lost touch with her too, or think she’s nuts and dismisses it. She met a lot of other smashing pumpkins fans on the net and personally knew them too, hung out at concerts, etc. That’s what makes this even more creepier, that’s why I feel a little preturbed about it. One of her old z-board friends actually helped her make that freaky wedding journal… She has ins with the band too, that’s why it’s makes it so strange. You don’t know what to believe anymore.