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blue, funny ass stories. .376 rock on!!

honeymade, i have never recieved a record that arrived broken in half. was there a big crease in the packaging possibly indicating that it got folded in transit? if not, the seller sold you a broke ass record. definately go kick him in the balls. check their feedback to see if they have a good reputation. and definately file a claim with ebay about the condition in which it was recieved. i once recieved a record that was packed in a vinyl mailer, but there was no bubble wrap or extra cardboard to keep it in place. the recordsleeve was dented as fuck when it arrived. i contacted the seller telling them how stupid they were and i got a refund.

reggae, hang in there. its gonna get better. i’ve been there. prescription pills are lame. you have to take them for like a month to tell if they’re even working. definately avoid taking them, unless they’re for recreational uses. lol

and last rose \"the hardest part is motivating yourself to get started\" story of my life!!

what's wrong with you is good for what's wrong with me