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now for my crazy day. basically on Saturday its usually slow in the mornings and then it picks up around 1:00-2:00 pm. today though it was busy from the time i arrived, 6:00 am, until i left, 5:30 pm. it was kind of fucked up and we had a lot of really sick old people stroking out, crazys and drug seekers, and fucked up patients being asses and weirdos. and around noon-ish all hell broke lose. we got busier than hell and the staff in the ER was scraping horribly (the nurses mainly). plus we had the dumbest charge nurse on duty and every time he works all hell breaks loose because he’s an idiot. and to make matters funner we had a bomb threat at this time too. we only had four security guards and the security cameras weren’t working and nobody knew wtf was going on. then they put the hospital on lockdown including the ER and a few cops came, but they didn’t station a security guard in the ER and they didn’t tell us in triage what the hell we should do. and actually they aren’t allowed to lockdown the ER unless there are biological or chemical agents. so the nurse was madder than shit and we had patients who needed to check in outside of the locked ER door including one that looked like she was going to pass out, so the nurse said fuck this shit and opened the door and let people go and come in. and the nurse chewed this one dipshit security guard’s ass and the charge nurse came out and every body was fighting and it was all fucked up and in front of the patients too. it was just a fucked up day. there was no bomb though and it wasn’t like a big news production. plus nobody knew what the hell was going on and we just told the patients it was a drill for lack of a better explanation. the patients were just nuts today though and the staff was at each others throats and stabbing each other in the back and crap. it was just screwy. kind of funny in fucked up kind of way, but way more excitement than i needed. plus i didn’t sleep at all last night- not one smidge because i was sickish again. so yeah, general lameness today. :wink: