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Im doing the best i can, what i mean is to get new souces and contacts, i got a few contact all ready.
I got a guy in Taiwan, not only that, ive established a good contact person whos in contact with Warner Music Denmark, who found me a very rare Thats the way promo and sealed watermarked Zeitgeist, also i will get the Tarantula promo soon as well, also im negotiating with a guy in France as well to find some rareties for me, and believe me when i say this, ive asked my contacts about the SIVA singel, yet non has it, that cd is on my top 3 list, but i would not swap anything from my collection to get that item, i only pay cash.
Remember ive only been collecting for 1 year only, and check my collection and let me know if i haven´t done a decent job to get that collection i have now. :wink:

In loving memory of Bimbolin.