Reply To: How Many 1991 Gish Vinyl Versions Exist?

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the only US copy i know is the one with the more modern Caroline Rec logo. CAROL 1705. it’s definitely remastered, as it has \"HUTLPX2\" in the matrix code (which is the code of the ’94 UK remastered version – no way would they include that in the matrix code before 1994), but nowhere on the artwork does it mention being the remastered version.

also, i’ve always thought that the US release was released years after 1994. as if caroline decided to press a reissue in the US. my guess: early 2000s. i remember finding lots of new copies in that period.
dunno. is it confirmed to be a 1994 release? or is this just a guess?
i see spfreaks lists 2000 as the release year: … &item=2667