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the thing is, i was checking the matrix codes, and they were a bit longer than i was expecting. a string of numbers, apparently random, was added. these are the ones i’m talking about, one on each side:
5099967929016 Siamese Dream Disc 1 Side 1 A+R Dallas SPGII S-27899 RE-2 25.15.21
5099967928910 Siamese Dream Disc 1 Side 2 S-27900 RE-2 13.25
5099967929016 Siamese Dream Disc 2 Side 1 A+R Dallas SPGII S-27901 RE-2 13.25
5099967929115 SIAMESE DREAM DISC 2-SIDE 2-Re1 S-27902 RE-3 23.5 25.15.21

i found those strings of numbers at the end a bit weird. they didn’t have the same length, they weren’t spaced identically, etc. and all the numbers were between 1 and 26, which made me think of an alphabet code. so i checked if the numbers could mean anything when translated to words (1=a, 2=b, etc.), and, well, they do. check for yourself what secret messages they have sent out via these matrix codes.
how weird.

now i wonder who’s behind this.