Reply To: Request: Siamese Dream vinyl reissue matrix codes

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i think spfreaks should be mainly about collecting and all related freaky things, and not so much about being positive. there are enough websites around already that have made that their main selling point.

i consider this matrix code message as a funny little fact. i don’t see what’s so wrong or negative about it. it’s there. well, ok, the message itself is negative, but reporting about it doesn’t have to be.
(i can imagine it was put there by someone who doesn’t like the smashing pumpkins. that could explain it. like a sort of sneaky graffiti. from that point of view, it is negative. and it’s immature, no matter what the reason behind it is.)

discovering a secret message in a matrix code is big spfreaks news to me. and in my opinion, more important than being a \"positive sp site\", whatever that is supposed to mean.
and i don’t even think reporting about this would make a negative sp site. i don’t see how it would make a difference, really.

i’m not saying it should be on twitter necessarily. i don’t really care about that. but i do find it a bit weird that it was suddenly removed.
i find these hidden messages quite weird, and all i want is to find out a bit more about it. where did it come from, mainly.

that’s just my thoughts on this. it’s not my website, it’s not my twitter account. so carry on.