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bram, i think you know there are enough negative websites around that claim to be supportive fans of the band, yet everything you read on the website is bitching and moaning etc. it’s a drag.

this site doesn’t generate a lot of forum traffic, and honestly, probably never will. we could totally put this up as a leading story on our homepage, but even then, probably not many people will read it.

i think the main thing is, we want to concentrate on collecting and all of that. that’s not to take away anything from what you discovered, because i think what you found is like one of the biggest stories i’ve ever heard of (with respect to smashing pumpkins vinyl). why is it there? who actually did this? what does it mean?

but we have it on good word that the band is upset about this, so we think it best to not draw attention to it. that being said, if anyone has read this thread, they know the deal. we are not hiding anything, and i will be putting the matrix codes up as released into spfreaks. the information will be here, because that’s what we do. and you, specifically, are a big reason why we are able to release this kind of information to the public.

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