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Quickly catching up, I was in a loooong meeting…

On a few things I read here and there: the positive thing that we always wanted to create here on SPfreaks, is that we want to help the SPfreaks members & collectors, and, in a way, the band at the same time. If we have a positive relationship between all these people, and maintain it, it will be beneficial for all of us. The more information we get directly from the band and its staff, the better! And I myself am VERY strict with rules of behaviour, even on the (anonymous) internet. We discussed this a few times before. And my opinion has not changed.

However, hot news is hot news, either good or bad. If someone doesn’t like the message, I wouldn’t give a fuck. Not even when Billy doesn’t like it. BUT! There is always the timing, and the means, aspect to a news item. In this case, when my tweet got deleted, I didn’t realize at the moment of posting it, that just screaming something like this matrix thing out there in public, is considered as \"look at ME and our website! And look at the face of that surprised Billy too, who just got backstabbed at the same time!\".

I hope you guys know what I mean. It’s not appropriate. Wrong timing, wrong means. What Sven did, trying to reach (friends of) Billy asap, and do further research, and then post the full story frontpage somewhere, that is more appropriate. Billy can’t stop the news, even if he wanted to. But what we can try to do as a community is \"behave, with respect\", at all times. And afterwards, I can understand that a person reading news about a hot and personal issue (Siamese Dream IS a very personal record to Billy!), while it is already \"out there for everybody\", feels like a double dagger in the back.

Thus, no issues with my tweet being deleted, because it contributes to a more positive atmosphere within existing relationships, and there is in no way censorship going on.

Billy Corgan, December 2, 2008 : "Not everyone understands our death trip. But you do. And that's what matters."