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you know, when the solstace bare came out, EVERYONE had to have it like, right now. i remember it being on eBay forever at ridiculous prices. then, after waiting about 6 months, i bought mine sealed for like $18 if i remember correctly. could have been less.

i might not wait that long for the vinyl (i’ll pick that shit up immediately), but the boxset, i’ll just buy when it’s at a decent price.

people seem to forget that with capitalism, the power is in the hands of the consumer, not the seller. if it’s overpriced, don’t buy it! the seller can hold on to their product, of course, and never release it. or, more likely, they will lower and lower the prices until the shit is reasonable. otherwise, they produced a product and will get no return on it. not a good business strategy.

people also forget there is no real \"urgency of now\". why the fuck does everyone have to have this shit the day it is released? it’s such a poor reflection on where our society is today. fucking RELAX!

it happened like this for that pink smashing pumpkins demo tape on eBay. i sent the guy an offer of $400. a couple days ago he says, fine, i’ll take it. but i wrote back that even $400 was too much and offered $350. this is after initially offering a buy it now price of $2,999.99 and waiting around 2-3 months. if you are patient, and sometimes a little wiley, you can get items you want for the price you want them.

just to point out how dumb this seller was, though, he lists the item buy it now for $350, and someone else snagged it OR one of his friends (fake) snagged it. i wrote back very confused, and he wrote back some dumb explanation that i just deleted.

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