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Excellent news! :D I had a feeling he had secured those rights!

I wonder what songs will be on Oceania? There’s a pic of Australia in the video – maybe he will use that didgeridoo.

Also – HIGH GRADE VINYL – for all you collectors! :D

I hope what he says will happen this year, will happen. A new song, new album, reissues and tour, and he has all these side projects going on. I hope he doesn’t get sidetracked. Didn’t he say he was going to concentrate on his book? :?

There could be songs we don’t know about around the Pisces Iscariot time, or the ones we know about such as Purr Snickety, Moleasskiss, and the Gravity Demos.

Mellon Collie – with added songs Feelium, Autumn Nocturne, Depresso and Methusela 8)