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Thank you so much for all of your help. I would definitely like to go for the Disarm 7\", as I am sure he would like that one. I think the Lull would be awesome, and I haven’t found it elsewhere thus far, but if it truly is overpriced I will give it a little thought first. The fact that it is listed as mint did scare me a little, as it seems that something printed in 1991 couldn’t have stayed quite so nice over all those years, but I will take your word that it is genuine. I know he wouldn’t care so much about the condition as long as the record plays well, so the Mellon Collie is also one I will consider, as he has mentioned that album in particular before as well. And just a curiosity, but is the print on the Lull raised or something, or does it just look to be so? I wasn’t sure if it was just printed that way or actually raised in some way. Also, would ya’ll comment on one more listing for me? I have linked it below. … _500wt_717

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