Reply To: which one would you consider the rarer of the two?

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1:If you take ebay,as a pretty-although not perfect- reliable example in terms of prices and copies around for sale on the broad market,there’s not even room for comparison,Daphne is not only by far the rarer of two but also in my opinion of the rarest delabel promos around.
I’ve seen during the last,say,25 months,at least 10 true power on ebay,vs probably 2 daphne,and more grey tristessa than daphne as well.
what’s weird,i seem to recall quite more of them around 4-5-6 yrs ago.
since then it seems to me it-almost-vanished,and quite fast and abruptly too.
This would probably lead us to reconsider the rarity of this promo usually classified below other delabel promos like live in chicago or machina promo.
2:If you take ME as a pretty reliable example of what I consider the rarest one,for daphne I’d kill, true power I’d simply steal.