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Scarcity or \"relative\" scarcity makes the price…

We just don’t know how many of the CDRs are out there, do we?
For the Untitled Pop Mix that is?!

When it never pops up on an auction or something – if fetches loads of cash-
Then more pop up-
Thus- the price tends to drop-
Drop to the \"market\" value at hand-

If someone would be there to come forward with pics and accounts and all and tell us there are like 10.000 of these cdr’s prices would drop even further-
If someone would be there to come forward with same evidences and tell us there are like only 100 of these, prices even might go up-

In not knowing how or why-
It’s always tricky to value-


When the original Earphoria promo hit the auctions et al it was VERY expensive-
Then we learned there only 1.000 promo copies of the original one-
So prices didn’t exactly drop (inviting bootleggers in even!!!)-

It’s always a case of wait and see-
But I just don’t get the GLOW stuff-
There are SO fucking many promos for this kinda stuff; why these prices???????
In about two years time you pick this up for one dollar somewhere for sure-
As this was and still is a massive campaign-

Another thing, right?
Massive campaign and territory next to small promo effort/small country/small outlet numbers-
The Australian stuff is kinda always rare-
France might be rather large country- there aren’t THAT many media outlets there- so true DELABEL promos almost never hit the 200+ mark, hence: rare stuff-
In the UK stuff tends to fetch higher numbers-
The US even higher-

So calculate those factors in-
And you still know nothing-
But you DO know-
It all figures into value… ;)