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happy late b-day niteshyft.

i am not a fan of snakes, we have had 2 in our house before, but we live right next to the river, (as some of you know, if not look at pictures i have posted in the photo thread), and we get all kinds of strange creatures around here. but about 4 years ago we had been on vacation and taken the inside dog with us, the chiuaua, and our outside dog was being taken care of by a neighbor, so we get back after 2 weeks, and nothing out of order, we go about our buisness, that night i am walking through the kitchen and see the hugest black snake ever on the counter. i yell, it runs, or slithers away, and over the next few days we tear apart the house looking for it. when we have taken cabnets away from the wall and serched everywhere we decided that it was gone. well we put stuff back, and again i am walking though the kitchen and what do i see, a huge fucking black snake coiled up on the counter, but 1/2 of it is making it’s way up to my antique boxes on the wall. i yell and my husband grabs his homemade snake catcher, a small pvc pipe with phone cord looped through it, and he catches it. it coied itself around his arm and we took it outside. and of course all of this is happening around 11 at night. well we didn’t know what kind of snake it was, but it is huge, from head to tail it measured almost 6 foot long. so we call up fish and wildlife and tell them what it looks like, and they told us that it was a queen snake, an aquatic snake, that CONTRICTS, oh yeah, we could have all been strangled to death. and then about a year or so later, we had another, but our jack russle dog got it. she is a good snake catcher.

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