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October 1986 is the date that billy and ron returned to florida. To tell you the truth, we don’t know if The Marked was still in Chicago after that, but if billy will release stuff from 1986 it has to be his solo work. I’m sure he’s learned his lesson after releasing that minute video of the marked in Vieuphoria which ended in a big lawsuit. Also, he started the Nothing Ever Changes project in 1986, and lasted up to 1987 and this is not The Marked, it’s billy’s solo work. What I’m trying to say is that I think he will release the real NEC, and that \"Greta Garbo\" tape instead of The Marked material. Still, I’m assuming there are a few Marked songs in both of these tapes, at least there are in the Greta tape.

It’s true that billy sometimes is not good dating his music. But hey we took as granted that \"I Fall\" was recorded in dec 1987.
And yes, it’s true Hope doesn’t sound like an 80’s tape, but who knows maybe it is…. truth and time will tell my friend.