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Yeah that’s true. To be honest way back in 2003 we discussed this matter in the SPfreaks founders team (I’m the only one left) and we decided at that time not to do it. No banners, no pop ups, no ads, no donations. Would you donate to SPfreaks Superlordspamulon? I guess not huh… And you’re right, in my humble opinion.

So I continue this site with a new team but with this old spirit as long as possible. That’s why we are going to sell t-shirts in a while and maybe later some other merchandise too, depending on how \"popular\" the shirts and SPfreaks are becoming. At least you’re getting something back for your hard earned money.

But I agree, other websites that become popular will cost some money, and not everybody can handle a hobby that costs 100’s of bucks each months. SPfreaks is just lucky to have a great team (including a site-builder, yes!) at the moment that is not asking for any money. And as long as we can handle the bandwidth with just a few dozen people each day, we’ll be fine…

And Amazon still sux for selling M2. :P
Great find on the net you did!

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